BOOK REVIEW: Performance Under Pressure by Josephine Perry


Review – Vicky, FCN Founder

This book, created by Ironman Competitor and Charted Sports Psychologist Josephine Perry is a fantastic ‘How to Guide’ for performance.  It is an essential resource for coaches working with athletes and players of any age or standard.

Glance over any sports section in the book shop, or browse the sports book section on Amazon and you will find hundreds of books exploring the idea of sports psychology and improving your mind for dealing with pressure and competition.  But what sets Performing Under Pressure apart is that is actually gives you  exercises and strategies to practice on the training ground and to implement in competition to overcome ones own mental chatter.

For coaches such as myself who never competed at high levels in sport (or any level, unless you include my third leg on a relay once for our local athletics club!), this is a really useful encyclopdiea of how to support your athletes for every situation they might face.

This book is definitely more of a coaches guide as opposed to an athletes guide, as it educates and informs in a reference style, allowing coaches to digest before implementing with their team.  There is nothing wishy washy or anecdotal about this book, each strategy is backed up by extensive research and proven theories about strengthening the mind to reach its peak.

Another fantastic book to add to your coaching tool kit.