BOOK REVIEW: Peak by Dr Marc Bubbs

REVIEW: Vicky, FCN Founder

“I honestly think this is one of the best coach education books I have ever read – and I am not being paid to say that.

Dr Marc Bubbs has created a book for all coaches to understand the needs of the athlete away from the technical aspect of your sport.

Once you have read this book through, I have no doubt it will become your ‘go to bible’ for supporting your athletes.  Whether your are sitting down to plan the season ahead, or racking your brains as to why your athlete has hit a plateau, this book should be the first place you refer to.

We all know as coaches that our role is far bigger than just showing our athletes and players what to do on the pitch, track or court.  With Sports Science today constantly introducing us to the ‘latest thing’ that will transform performance, sometimes it’s impossible to know where to begin…with this book, Marc has given us the solution.

In order of importance, we are introduced to the areas of health and fitness that are essential for an athletes performance.  There is an easy to understand explanation of each area and practical guides and tips as to how to implement them.

As is explained in the introduction, we as coaches are (or are expected to be) “Expert-Generalists”; we should know a little about a lot!  This book gives you the topics and areas which you need to learn as a coach and introduces you to the topic with the right mix of detail and simplicity.

Marc has used an extensive reference list to put this book together, with every aspect of it backed up by research.  It would take an individual coach years to work through all the research Marc has, and to be honest, I’m not sure we would understand what every piece of research is telling us…because we cannot be experts in every single aspect!

If you are interested in working in high performance sport, or would like to expand your own knowledge, this is the book for you.  I cannot praise this book enough, it is a game changer for the coaching community.”