BOOK REVIEW: What Makes A Great Coach

REVIEW: Vicky, FCN Founder

If you’ve ever had the pleasure to chat with Emma Doyle, or listen to a workshop of hers, you know first hand just how full of energy and enthusiasm she is for coaching…and that is exactly what shines through in this book!

“What Makes A Great Coach” is a collection of lessons that International Tennis Coach Emma Doyle has learnt along her career, gained through her own experience but also through speaking with many incredible coaches such as Patrick Mouratoglou, Allistar McCaw and Judy Murray.

The premise of the book is a list of ‘practices’ that, done consistently, makes you a great coach, and leads you to becoming the best coach you can be. These practices include; decision making, belief, purpose, passion, energy, empathy, listening, curiosity, communication and resilience. Starting each chapter with a story from her own journey, Emma supports her points by using other examples from the World of high performance sports.

One of the final points Emma leaves us with in the final chapter “Game, Set and Match” is:

“Coaching is a privilege. Sharing in the successes and the difficult times with your teams whether it’s on the court or in your corporate workplaces is an even bigger privilege.”

It is my personal view that many coaches have forgotten this concept, and it is one that every now and again, when the pressure is on, we need to remind ourselves.

Emma’s book is a fantastic oversight into the World of coaching, and enthusiastic view of the pressures involved and a road map to becoming a successful coach!