FCN Collaborate with LUNEX University to Launch Groundbreaking Research into Experiences of Female Coaches in Olympic Sporting Codes


The Female Coaching Network and LUNEX University Collaborate to Launch a Groundbreaking Research Project: Governance, Recruitment, Experiences, and Perceptions of Female Coaches in Olympic Sporting Codes

The Female Coaching Network (FCN) and LUNEX University proudly announce their collaborative partnership in launching an innovative research project focused on transforming the landscape of female coaching in Olympic sporting codes. The project, titled “Governance, Recruitment, Experiences, and Perceptions of Female Coaches in Olympic Sporting Codes,” aims to address the existing challenges and barriers faced by female coaches, and address the efficacy of the current approach by national federations.

With an increasing emphasis on gender equity and the imperative to enhance the representation of accredited female coaches at the Olympic Games, it has become evident that the current approaches fall short of achieving meaningful progress. The Female Coaching Network and LUNEX University firmly believe that a fundamental shift in the way we approach this issue is essential. It is time to challenge the prevailing “blame” culture that unfairly places the burden on women themselves.

Through this research project, the Female Coaching Network and LUNEX University aspire to shed light on the structural and systemic factors that contribute to the underrepresentation of female coaches in high-performance sport. By understanding the governance, recruitment practices, and experiences of female coaches in Olympic sporting codes, this collaboration aims to effect sustainable change, providing equal opportunities for women to thrive and lead in the coaching profession.

The research project will encompass comprehensive data collection, including surveys, interviews, and analysis of existing literature and policies. By examining the root causes of gender disparity, the Female Coaching Network and LUNEX University endeavour to develop evidence-based strategies and recommendations that will reshape the coaching landscape, fostering an environment where female coaches can thrive and inspire the next generation of athletes.

“We are excited to partner with LUNEX University in this pioneering research project.  Our commitment to advancing gender equity in coaching aligns perfectly with LUNEX University’s expertise and the passion of Khatija Bahdur By combining our knowledge and resources, we are confident that this research project will contribute significantly to dismantling existing barriers and creating a more inclusive coaching community.”

Vicky Huyton – founder of the Female Coaching Network


“We are excited to embark on this project. Working together and sharing ideas and experiences has highlighted a mutual desire to advance gender equity within the coaching world. Using research, the goal is to give female coaches a voice. This industry-academic collaboration allows us to capitalize on the experiences, knowledge and passion of both the Female Coaching Network and LUNEX University. We believe that this research project can be a contributor too meaningful and positive change.”      

Khatija Bahdur- LUNEX University