FCN Founder announced as Ambassador for Gazing Red2Blue

The Female Coaching Network (FCN) proudly announces the appointment of its founder, Vicky Huyton, as the newest Ambassador for Gazing Red2Blue.

This strategic partnership represents a significant step towards fortifying the FCN’s commitment to advancing coaching excellence, fostering inclusivity, and empowering women in the coaching landscape.

In her role as Ambassador, Vicky will be championing the adoption of Gazing Red2Blue innovative Red2Blue framework for mindset development, and performing under pressure.  

“I am honoured to take on the role of Ambassador for Gazing Red2Blue and see this as a testament to our shared commitment towards positive change within the coaching community.  Stress management and performing under pressure are among the most undervalued and neglected skills within our communities, and we need to highlight the importance for individuals to prioritise and cultivate these crucial abilities.  It is my belief that if we all understood how to think clearer, be in control of our minds and perform better under pressure, we would have a safer, more efficient and robust high performance system for both athletes and coaches.  I look forward to contributing to the impactful work of Gazing Red2Blue and promoting the advancement of these mindset coaching practices globally.”

Vicky Huyton – Founder of the FCN

The Female Coaching Network anticipates that this collaboration will open new avenues for its network to access cutting-edge performance improvement tools and resources. The synergy between Vicky Huyton and Gazing Red2Blue embodies the shared vision of empowering coaches, particularly women, and catalysing positive transformation within the coaching landscape.

“Gazing Red2Blue Mindset is a simple mental skills framework and language to help prepare individuals and teams for those big moments when pressure is on and the outcomes are significant. And the fantastic opportunity to welcome Vicky Huyton as a Gazing Red2Blue Ambassador is a significant moment for us! It’s a privilege to be joined by such a wonderful coach, inspirational person and founder of the vital Female Coaching Network. Red2Blue is a game-changing approach to developing and coaching mental skills… at every level, across every sport and in every aspect of our lives. That will only happen through incredible coaches such as Vicky. Welcome! We look forward to the journey ahead with excitement!”

Martin Fairn – CEO, Gazing LTD