Preparation for Paris Begins: a groundbreaking collaboration between the Female Coaching Network and WHOOP

On January 17th, the inaugural phase of Preparation for Paris was officially launched, marking a groundbreaking collaboration between the Female Coaching Network and WHOOP.

This innovative program is designed to provide comprehensive support to coaches preparing for the Olympic and Paralympic Games scheduled between July and September 2024.

Fifty-two coaches, representing 15 countries and 19 sports, have come together in a unique collaborative coaching community. Members of the programme will connect, share and develop as a team, and learn from a range of experts on the importance of their own well-being.  Coaches often forget they are also performing on the road to an Olympic or Paralympic Games, and the more they can look after their own health, the more effective they can be for their athletes.  

The first webinar which marked the official start of the programme, was hosted by Kristen Holmes, VP of Performance Science at WHOOP, alongside guest presenter Angela Foster, High Performance Health Coach based in the UK.  The webinar guided attendees through a series of exercises addressing the need to avoid burnout and educate the coaches on making time in their busy schedules for their own mental and physical wellbeing. 

Karina Kozma, a member of the programme who works with the Hungarian Olympic Kayak team said of her experience of the webinar;“the first webinar was the perfect foundation of how to structure our life as coaches, the message is clear: to take care of ourselves first to be able to look after others.”  

Angela Foster, presenter of the first workshop titled “Master Your Energy and Avoid Burnout,” stated, 

I was honoured to kick off the 2024 Preparation for Paris series with a webinar on How to Master Your Energy & Avoid Burnout. Female coaches and leaders need more support. This amazing collaboration between the Female Coaching Network and Whoop aligns with my own mission to help women worldwide break the cycle of energy highs and lows and show up as the best version of themselves. These 52 inspirational coaches manage considerable demands on their time with extensive travel commitments and it was my great privilege to provide mindset tools and strategies to optimise their own health for sustained high performance.”

The upcoming webinar in February, hosted by Kristen Holmes, will delve into circadian rhythms and the importance of sleep. 

In the lead up to the first webinar, all 52 participating coaches received a WHOOP and a year’s membership, in order to track their own health markers and understand what protocols work for them to optimise their own health and performance.  The coaches will be monitoring their sleep, recovery, strain, stress, and overall health over the next 6 months with WHOOP, the most advanced fitness and health wearable device available today.

In addition to monitoring their biomarkers with WHOOP, the coaches have also been part of an active WhatsApp group, which has provided a platform for the sharing of experiences and advice as we edge ever closer to the Games.   

Preparation to Paris member Valerie Adams, who is a two time Olympic Gold Champion (with four medals in total including two golds (2008 & 2012), a silver (2016) and a bronze (2021)) and four time World Champion (2007, 2009, 2011, 2013) in the Shot Put.  At the last Olympic Games in Tokyo in 2021, she won a bronze medal at her last ever Olympic Games and only two weeks later coached her sister Lisa Adams to Gold at the Paralympics.  This time around for Paris, Valerie won’t be competing, but she will be coaching her sister in defending her Shot Put title. 

“Being part of this programme has been an incredible journey of growth and collaboration.  The wealth of knowledge and resources shared within this group of inspiring women has been truly transformative.  Together, we have created a supportive space where we learn, grow and uplift one another, unlocking our full potential as coaches.”

From everyone at FCN and WHOOP, best of luck to all our coaches! 

Members of the Preparation to Paris cohort for 2024 are:

Aimee Boorman (USA) Gymnastics

Alison O’Riordan (UK) Track & Field

Amanda Rego (USA) Track & Field

Anais Second (France) Shooting

Ashley Kovacs (USA) Track & Field

Aukje van Weert (Netherlands) Climbing

Breanne Clement (Australia) Track & Field

Bruna Accorsa (Australia) Boccia

Carla Nicholls (Canada) Track & Field

Carol Love (Canada) Rowing

Carole Bam (Belgium) Track & Field

Casey Atkins (Swimming) Australia

Cathy Walker (GB &NI) Track & Field

Charlotte Fischer (GB &NI) Track & Field

Danielle Boyd (GB &NI) Football 

Debora Pijper (Ireland) Dressage

Ellen Minzner (USA) Rowing

Ellen Randall (Australia) Rowing

Erica Erb (USA) Lacrosse

Erika Wheeler (USA) Track & Field

Frida Lindahl (Sweden) Track & Field

Hayley Harrison (Ireland) Track & Field

Helen Clitheroe (GB & NI) Track and Field

Henriette Mere (Norway) Triathlon

Irene Torrealba (Australia) Climbing

Ivi Casagrande (Brazil) Football

Jackie Newton (GB & NI) Track & Field

Jane Figueiredo (GB & NI) Diving

Janelle Pallister (Australia) Swimming

Jessica Medina (USA) Wrestling

Karina Kozma (Hungary) Kayaking

Katie Kriebel (USA) Wrestling

Kelsey Quinn (USA) Track & Field

Kirby Gallie (Switzerland) Rowing

Laura Turner-Alleyne (GB & NI) Track & Field

Leanne Choo (Australia) Badminton

Lyn Foreman (Australia) Track & Field

Marina Armstrong (GB & NI) Track & Field

Michelle Darvill (Netherlands) Rowing 

Mechelle Lewis Freeman (USA) Track & Field 

Nada Bendova (Slovakia) Track & Field

Natasha Kelly (Ireland) Triathlon

Nicolai Morris (Australia) Hockey 

Nicole Pratt (Australia) Tennis

Raylene Bates (New Zealand) Shooting

Sara Symington (GB & NI) Cycling

Shannon Winzer (Canada) Volleyball 

Sonia O’Sullivan (Ireland) Track & Field

Valerie Adams (New Zealand) Track & Field 

If you would like to find out more about the programme, please contact FCN Founder Vicky Huyton at

To find out more about the work of High Performance Health Coach, Angela Foster, please visit