BOOK REVIEW: The Tough Stuff

REVIEW: Vicky, Founder of FCN

For all those coaching in high performance sport, this book is a must!

Author Cody Royle takes you through 7 Truths of being a head coach, that you can’t learn anywhere other than through experience (and this book!). From dealing with the media, scrutiny from fans, letting go of being obsessive and team cohesion…this book is a text book for the real coaching world.

The book opens with a quote from Brene Brown, an American Professor and author of the Book ‘Dare to Lead’, setting the scene for what Cody’s book has in store:

“Studying leadership is way easier than leading. I completely underestimated the pull on my emotional bandwidth, the determination to stay calm under pressure and the weight of continuous problem-solving and decision making…and the sleepless nights.”

Cody Royle is the Head Coach of Canada’s national men’s AFL TEAM (Aussie Rules Football) and director of the coaching for AFL Canada. He has spent the last decade researching, interviewing and writing about leadership, culture and performance and has co-created popular sports websites like ‘InnerVoice’ and ‘Brandman Magazine’.

Throughout ‘The Tough Stuff’, Cody shares insights and experiences from elite coaches from around the World who have learned each of the 7 truths the hard way. Coach stories included are: Lisa Alexander, Eddie Jones, Steve Kerr, Jill Ellis and Jurgen Klopp.

It’s certainly a book that can be dipped in and out of and referred back to when situations in your own coaching life arise!

Would recommend this book to any high performance coaches, and those coaches who aspire to coach the elite!