Book Review; When Girls Became Lions




Title: When Girls Became Lions


Author: Valerie J. Gin and Jo Kadlecek


Genre: Fiction / Novel


Synopsis: “The memory of a strong woman is a sanctuary . . . .” And so begins our story.  It’s 1983. Teacher Bailey Crawford and a bunch of rag tag girls are about to make history as their school’s first, and only, state champions. But few in town care; they’re only girls, after all. It’s not until twenty-five years later in 2008 when new coach Reynalda Wallace discovers their story, and recognition for the champs finally arrives. In the process, Rey learns how much of her own life—past and present—is bound to those first athletes whose struggle she never knew existed. Until now.


Description:  The incredible championship win of the U.S.A. Women’s Soccer Team at the June 2015 FIFA World Cup confirmed the sport’s popularity and the growing impact of women athletes as role models. Now comes a novel that continues the celebration of both.  Co-authored by Valerie J. Gin and Jo Kadlecek, both former college athletes and coaches, When Girls Became Lions is a tale of two teams, Title IX and the women who became champions—and friends—in the process. It is a unique literary contribution to both women’s fiction and the ordinarily male-dominated sports genre as it celebrates women’s friendships against the backdrop of sport history.


FCN Review: This is a heartwarming, emotional and incredibly passionate novel about how far we have come in the world of women’s sport.  Whilst the book focusses on the US Sports system and the impact of Title IX, you don’t have to have an understanding into the USA sports system to fall in love with this book.  The story brings to life the emotional impact of the lack of equality in sports and in its unique way of running past and present stories side by side you learn the journey of Title IX since it began in 1972.

It is fantastically written by two talented authors who are clearly knowledgeable and passionate about sport and coaching sport.  We would certainly recommend this book to everyone of all ages not only as a heartwarming read, but also a reminder as to how far we are still yet to go for equality in sport.”


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