How do you think your athletes would describe you as a coach?


For this weeks #womenswednesday we thought we would ask you an interesting question that may get you to think about your own coaching persona a little differently.  As coaches, we are often asked about how we perceive or judge our own coaching, but have you ever flipped that question on its head and wondered how others may answer that same question?

We don’t want to know how you would describe yourself as a coach, but how you think your athletes may describe you.  We want you to share your thoughts and then perhaps ask your athletes next time they see you…it will be interesting to find out if what you think and what they think matches up!

When asked this question, we had a great answer by one of our latest interviewees Tracy Demerath, who is an assistant Track and Field coach at Dubuque Senior High School, USA.


“Passionate, dedicated, sometimes a little too intense and other times just down right goofy.   I would hope they would say that they know I want all of them to be successful, and I am willing to do whatever I can to help them reach their goals. On top of that, they see me working toward my goals, which helps them see that I am not just a coach who “talks the talk,” but I can “walk the walk.” I love to joke around with my athletes, but they also know when I mean business!”


So, by sharing in the comments box below, or on social media, we want to know:


How do you think your athletes would describe you as a coach?


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