Why has Lee Brandon decided now is the time to set the record straight…

Lee Brandon – still has her Jet Uniform from 1990.

Why has Lee decided now is the time to set the record straight…

“A lot of people are asking me why now…well it isn’t as if I have hidden it. In 1990, I was in Sports Illustrated with different pieces. I honestly believe that if I don’t say something now what happens in 20 or 30 years to our history? It’s sad. You can’t do a job and have it go away.

I have to stand up and say something now, I never wanted to be a trumpt blower, that’s not my way. If you do a job you deserve the credit for doing a job, and that is it from me.

If any corporation can say your job didn’t exits after being there for a year and a half…I wasn’t an intern for 3 weeks, I was there! I had keys, I had all the secret sauce, I trained every single line, I affected every player, everyone of them knew me and worked with me.

Some of the arguments I have got back since 2015 have been that strength coaches aren’t coaches. Well that caught me by suprise, try to tell any athlete that a strength coach isn’t a coach. Or tell any of the existing strength coaches now that they are not coaches…they won’t agree.

And if you look at the NFL teams and the list of all the coaches, you will see strength coaches always listed there. We are coaches, so that takes away every argument. So it is unequivically undeniable that I was blessed to truly be a woman there.

To date, the Jets have not acknowledged it, I am ready to celebrate with them, because I believe they fell on the right side of history 30 years ago.”

~ Lee Brandon