Super Bowl LV – ” it’s not anything that we keep in the forefront of what we do on a daily basis”

Coach Lori Locust joins fellow coach Maral Javafider in Super Bowl LV, becoming only the 2nd and 3rd women coaches to reach such a milestone. Days before the Super Bowl in Tampa Bay Florida, Coach Lori spoke about how she feels about achieving such an incredible accomplishment:

“I think the nice thing about all of this right now is that that kind of title doesn’t matter. M.J. (Maral Javadifar) and I are here to help Tampa Bay win. It wouldn’t matter if we’re second in or 273rd in.

We acknowledge the fact that there hasn’t been many before us, but it’s not anything that we keep in the forefront of what we do on a daily basis. That’s sort of, I guess, not a consideration when we’re coaching.

Katie [Sowers], Jennifer King and I remain pretty close over that last several years – reaching out to one another, asking questions. This was way before I was hired in Tampa.

I think that where the guys sort of have it automatically in the coaching tree, ‘I coached with him at this college. He and I played high school ball together’. They have that automatic connection – ours has to be built, so it’s been nice to be on the forefront of the building of the framework for the rest of the women coaches that are going to be coming in [after] us.

It’s something that is natural and it’s kind of organic, so we don’t really make a big deal out of it. But it is nice to talk to somebody who understands you just a little bit better, but the guys have that already too.”