Coaches Lori Locust & Maral Javadifer become the first female coaches to win the Super Bowl

Video: NFL Films – Coach Lori Locust Celebrating With Outside Linebacker Jason Pierre-Paul

Sunday 7th February 2021 will be a date etched into the NFL history books forever.

Super Bowl LV saw a number of firsts…

For the first time in the leagues history a team competed at their home stadium as the Tampa Bay Buccaneers faced Kansas City Chiefs at Raymond James Stadium in Tampa Bay…

For the first time in the leagues history, a home team won the Super Bowl in their home stadium as the Buccaneers beat the Chiefs 31-9…

And, for the first time in the leagues history, a female coach (make that TWO female coaches), won the Super Bowl as Buccaneers brought home the Lombardi trophy with assistant D-Line Coach Lori Locust and assistant Strength & Conditioning Coach Maral Javadifer on their staff.

A note from the FCN Founder:

Having followed Coach Lo’s journey since 2016 keeping in touch with her a long the way, interviewing Carmen Vitali, the Bucs Senior Staff Writer back in March 2020 and following the story of Maral Javadifer since her hiring with the Bucs in 2019 (Maral – we’d love an interview with you too!), watching the journey of this team on and off the pitch has been an incredible experience. I have been continually inspired by the coaches and by the team and have to admit to becoming a huge Buccaneers fan!

When I first interviewed Lori back in April 2016, she was an assistant Coach at her local team the Central Penn Capitals, a professional men’s indoor team based in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania, USA. She shared with me her passion for football since she was 5, how she wasn’t able to play until her 40’s due to a lack of opportunities and how she had to create her own pathway as traditional pathways didn’t exist for women.

Lori ended the interview by saying:

“I would love to be an assistant coach in the NFL one day, that would be a dream come true!”

I think it’s fair to say Lo – you have surpassed your dream. I am so proud of you!”

From all of us at the FCN, we are so proud, happy and elated that both Lori Locust and Maral Javadifer had their dreams comes true. Congratulations coaches and congratulations to all at Tampa Bay Buccaneers.