FCN Launch Their Track & Field Project

The FCN are excited to announce the start of their long term Track & Field project aimed at working towards gender equality in high performance athletics coaching.

Track & Field is one of the FCN’s key sports (along with American Football, Soccer and Basketball) and as the indoor season begins on this Olympic year, it’s an important time to kick the project off.

Whilst nearly all sports have a problem with a lack of female coaches, especially at the elite end, Track & Field seems to have a particularly prevalent problem.

Did you know that at the last World Championships in Doha, only 2% of all athletes had a female coach?

And…did you know that on the senior British Team throughout 2019, not a single female coach was part of Team Management?

The FCN Track & Field Project will be a long term program of initiatives based around the new FCN PRO strategy (performance, relationships and opportunities). A holistic approach will be taken to ensure an increase of women coaches at the high performance levels of the sport.

The FCN will invite its current partners be part of the project, whilst opening the doors to any individuals or organisations who can support the programmes aims.

ALTIS Women’s Apprentice Coach Program – February 2020

One of the programmes within the FCN T&F Project is the Women In Coaching Initiative in partnership with ALTIS.

ALTIS, which is home to some of the world’s greatest coaches, therapists, and practitioners, is an elite training environment for athletes, and a global leader in the provision of education for sport performance. They provide both online coach education and in person education.

The Women In Coaching Initiative is a multi-varied strategy motivated by the under-representation of women in coaching generally, and by the relative lack of attendance of women at the ALTIS educational Programs.

Other work will include an increase of interviews and FCN Films of female coaches and athletes, networking events during some of the World Athletics Diamond League events and an increase of unique and innovative learning opportunities along the way.

This is a long term project that is in it’s infancy, it will take time to build. But the FCN isn’t going anywhere, now is the time to create connection, build the foundations and make change.

For more information or if you would like to get involved, please email us at: info@femalecoachingnetwork.com