FCN and ALTIS Launch “Women in Coaching Initiative”

The Female Coaching Network are very excited to announce our latest collaborative partnership with ALTIS – a Global leader of education in sports performance and an elite training environment for athletes and coaches.

 The FCN will be supporting ALTIS on their new “Women in Coaching Initiative” which is a multi-varied strategy motivated by the under-representation of women in coaching generally, and by the relative lack of attendance of women at the ALTIS educational Programs.

ALTIS CEO Stuart McMillan feels that the Female Coaching Network are the perfect partners in this Initiative, and looks forward to working with the great team at FCN to help in their shared objectvies: 

“Over the last few weeks, I have highlighted the need to further engage in a few challenging conversations – specifically in areas around women in coaching and potentially dysfunctional power dynamics that may exist in coach-athlete relationships, especially between male coaches and women athletes.  

We recognize that we are not the experts in these areas, and whenever this is the case, we do our best to reach out to those who are more knowledgeable than we are to help us define our steps.  

With women in coaching, specifically, we were very happy to be introduced to the Female Coaching Network’s founder Vicky Huyton, through former ALTIS athlete Abigail Irozuru – and feel that with Vicky and her team, we have found the perfect partners in this endeavor.”

Working closely with ALTIS on the Women in Coaching Initiative, the FCN can make a real impact on the opportunities available for female coaches to engage in learning in high performance environments.  This partnership will be an element of the new FCN strategy which will take shape in 2020, helping us to: “empower, enable and inspire female coaches to be the best they can be whilst creating cultural change within sport and sports federations.”

Founder of the Female Coaching Network:

“We are very excited to be a founding partner in the ‘Women in Coaching Initiative’ with ALTIS.  Many of the coaches who founded ALTIS have been instrumental in my own Track coaching career and I have been following the progress of ALTIS from its inception.  

The delivery team at ALTIS have long been involved with the promotion of coaching equality, and I know first-hand the enthusiasm that exists in recruiting more female coaches to their Programs.

Take a look at the ALTIS website and all they have to offer!

To kick off this partnership, for Giving Tuesday ‪on December 3‬, 10% of all ALTIS sales will go towards the Female Coaching Network in support of their mission to be the catalyst for sustainable gender equality growth and retention in sports coaching.