FCN | Women in Athletics Webinar: Special Guest Mark Munro

Join us on our next Women in Athletics:UK webinar as we invited special guest UKA Interim CEO Mark Munro to a Q&A open session.

Monday 7th February 2021 at 19:00GMT

The webinar will give you the opportunity to ask Mark any questions relating to the future of UKA, your role within the sport (i.e. coach, official, athlete etc) and how the new administration will ensure better treatment and opportunities for women in the sport. 

It will be a supportive place for all to join, whether you want to ask a question or just sit back and listen – all women within the sport are welcome. 

About the Women in Athletics:UK Network

The FCN launches a new networking group aimed at supporting female coaches, officials and athletes in athletics in the U.K. called – Women in Athletics:UK.

The network aims to provide an independent supportive platform for women within the sport, offering women a place to connect, share and develop. It is an informal membership, with no obligations, and it is hoped that collectively the network can work together to influence cultural change within the sport. 

The network will be a combination of online meetings, physical meetings and newsletters and will be led by the FCN, along with a number of female coaches involved with the work of the FCN.

Since the publication of the research project “Achieving Gender Equity in High Performance Athletics Coaching” back in February 2021, the FCN have been working closely with UK Athletics to ensure a change in the way female coaches are treated and the opportunities they are given in the sport. 

Thanks to the support of former UKA CEO Joanna Coates and UKA Development Director Mark Munro, the FCN research has helped shape the new UKA Coaching Strategy and a new Gender Equity in Coaching plan is currently in development. 

Through the new Women in Athletics:UK network and the development work already underway, the FCN will continue the legacy of Joanna Coates as they work closely with governing bodies, coaches and officials to influence a change of behaviours and cultures and take a zero tolerance approach towards abusive coaching and coaches. The FCN strive to make the sport of athletics in the U.K. a safer, more equitable and successful place for all.