Open Forum: What did you achieve in 2020 that you would not have otherwise been able to in a normal sporting year?

As part of our FCN | European Sports Leadership & Coaching Network, January 2021 saw our first ever Open Forum – an online networking event where our members are the special guest! 

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Coaches from across Europe (as well as Australia and Canada) joined in a 90 minute discussion in which FCN hosts Anna and Vicky posed a number of questions to those in attendance about their career development and how they have coped throughout the last 12 months of the pandemic.

Here are some of the answers from our question about achievement in 2020…

What did you achieve in 2020 that you would not have otherwise been able to in a normal sporting year?

“I have learned how to use zoom!”

“I have been able to achieve is to spend more quality time with myself and actually liking it and taking more time to improve my own skills, read books that have been next to my bed waiting to be read forever! So 2020 gave me alot of time to myself which was very important for me to grow.”

“I had to learn to deliver coaching courses via webinars on zoom!”

“Better work life balance”

“When I saw the invite for this, I was determined to come, even though I have come to alot of these meetings, I am actually really about talking about myself. I am not someone who shares things, so my resolutions for 2021 is to put things on linkedin etc! On a professional level; even though my sport of lacrosse is a very old sport, the governance is very new and we have only just started putting together a curicullum for coach education and development, so our goal for 2020 was to put on 6 clinics to train coaches, and then a move into that, the World stopped! So we adpated, started using ‘Miro’, moved it online – and then since September, we have developed 60 coaches in 10 countries! I then took this project to the World committee, and it went across to many other areas of the World, and now it’s exploded! So it’s been really cool!”

“When we went into lockdown and Zoom became our tool, we started coaching using that. I also started to learn about strength and conditioning, watching videos on youtube, and then deliver these things via Zoom. My confidence to take lead in these sessions increased too. And I have actually come out of my shell a lot more!”

“This year has been challenging to all of us, I have moved Countries during the pandemic from Ireland to the Netherlands. Networking when you move countries can be really tough, so what I have learnt this year is be thoughtful of who you talk to, try to listen more carefully, and also to really be mindful and patient with myself – the lockdown in Ireland was really tough! Be kind to yourself, be your own best friend! I was training for a marathon before I moved and now I am challenging myself this year to train for a triathlon!”

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