What We Have Learnt So Far…

3 months into our project FCN | European Sports Leadership & Coaching Network, we have welcomed three special guest speakers and over 150 coaches and leaders from around the World.  

Whilst the project focusses on a European audience, in addition to European atendees, we have also welcomed coaches and leaders from Canada, America, Australia, Cameroon and Uganda.

So after 3 evenings together and hours of discussion and story telling what have we learnt as a group?

We have learnt that hearing other people’s stories can be incredibly powerful for the understanding of our own journey’s.

We have learnt that we aren’t on our own with our challenges, struggles and barriers in our careers.  

We have learnt that many have walked the same path we are walking on and with belief and commitment have overcome each barrier they have faced.

We have learnt that growing your own network of people who can inspire, mentor and support you is a huge element in the progression of your career.

Comment below and let us know what you have learnt so far…

Our Special Guests 

Tracey, Houda and Biljana

The three women we have heard from so far have had wildly different life experiences, challenges and career paths. But all have two things in common, a love for sport and a love for what they do:

Tracey Archer (Spar International Sponsorship Coordinator), shared with us the challenges she has faced juggling her career and her family.  Having had a love of track and field from a young age, working in track & field now is immensely enjoyable for Tracey whilst being demanding at the same time!

Houda Loukili (Kickboxing Coach and Consultant) spoke about the challenges she faced not only as the only girl in a male dominated gym, but also the judgement she received when she made the decision to train and fight in a Hijab.  Now Houda educates organisations and clubs on how to increase the number of girls in sport. 

Biljana Danicic (European Athletics Deputy Communications Director) shared with us her journey of fleeing Croatia in the Balkan War, settling in Serbia as a young girl and working hard to build a career in her beloved track and field.  Having worked for European athletics since 2009 and being part of the support team for European Champion Long Jumper Ivana Spanovic, Biljana shares 

What our audience have said:

“Tracey is so Full of energy and inspiring.  It given me the kick start I need to actively launch SportsFun… It’s made me realise i need to take action and not find reasons not to do it so thank you.”

“Loved it, loved Houda, love her whole ethic that there’s nothing you can’t do – so refreshing! I spent quite a lot of time wondering if the fact that she was a Muslim woman worked in her favor or was an obstacle. I decided in the end that she made it irrelevant and made everything work for her by sheer weight of personality. I’m sure it really wasn’t as simplistic as that but she exudes positivity, and doesn’t accept barriers as barriers.”

“I was left feeling inspired and humbled by Biljana’s story.  To learn what she went through, but to hear how she stuck to her dream and the passion she has for her sport left me with a renewed sense of purpose and focus on my own career goals.”

We hope to see you next time:

We have 4 more meetings for this series of our FCN | European Sports Leadership & Coaching Network:

Monday 7th December 2020 @ 18:00GMT

Monday 11th January 2021 @ 18:00GMT

Monday 1st February 2021 @ 18:00GMT

Monday 1st March 2021 @ 18:00GMT

Keep an eye on the following page for updates of guests and registration details: https://www.femalecoachingnetwork.com/fcn-european-sports-leadership-coaching-network/