Celebrating International Day of the Girl – Download the FREE Nike Coaching Girls Guide

This year, we are joining with our partners Nike to celebrate the International Day of the Girl – an annual campaign launched by UNICEF to to highlight and address the needs and challenges girls face around the world.

Girls are Made To Play but not every girl gets the chance to show what she’s made of. Today we are celebrating International Day Of The Girl with Nike to help more girls break barriers and continue to change sport for the better.

With Made to Play, Nike is committed to getting kids – and especially girls – moving. Because girls who move lead healthier, happier and more successful lives.

Join us to change the game, not the girl at nike.com/madetoplay

Made to Play Coaching Girls Guide.

Nike and We Coach, with support from Youth Sport Trust in Europe, the Middle East and Africa, created the Made to Play Coaching Girls Guide. It equips coaches with the tools that can help make sport fun for girls now and in the future.

And as parents and other caring adults are stepping in as coaches –sometimes for the first time –this is a resource for them, too.

The guide focuses on five pillars to create more inclusive play and sport environments: Create Connection, Progress not Performance, Safe Environments, Let Her Compete, and Brave, Not Perfect. Increasing the quality and quantity of trained volunteer coaches is a key part of Nike’s Made to Play commitment to get kids moving.

Download the Full ‘Coaching Girls Guide’

The guide is designed to serve program leaders and coaches working to recruit and retain girls in sport. The guide takes learning and research and translates them into actionable tools. These recommendations have come together based on a review of the research on girls in sport, a convening of experts and leaders and a test with coaches working in the field.

If you require any other languages, please email us at: info@femalecoachingnetwork.com