FCN Announce NIKE Partnership

FCN are pleased to announce the brand new NIKE partnership aimed at supporting the mission of working towards gender equality in high performance coaching.

Over the coming years, NIKE will be supporting the FCN by helping to deliver the new PRO Strategy – Performance, Relationships, Opportunities. This strategy is a unique way of addressing a lack of female coaches in sport, particularly at high performance levels.

The aim is to tackle the issue using a holistic approach, to provide evidence and suggestions for correct interventions and to support coaches along their own coaching journeys. The FCN wants to help build high performing inclusive workforces and cultures that work for everyone and this partnership is a big step forward in ensuring that happens.

Since the FCN was founded in 2014, the main focus has been that of growing the website and social media following in order to create a global network of female coaches and provide inspirational interviews, articles and images of women who coach.

Now, with the support of NIKE, the FCN can begin delivery of impactful and tangible projects which will change the way forward for female coaches wanting to work in high performance sport.

If you would like more information on the work of the FCN over the coming weeks and months, please email us at info@femalecoachingnetwork.com