How do you juggle your work-life balance?


Last year, we conducted some research on the well-being of coaches in partnership with Leeds Beckett University called “Occupational Well-Being of Coaches.”  The study aimed to collect more information on how different groups of male and female coaches experience their profession and working within their clubs and organisations within the country they live and work.

The research revealed some upsetting outcomes about the coaches who took part in the research, a large number of them experiencing difficulties in their work life balance and psychological health.


69% rated their psychological health as poor or very poor

59% rated their work-life balance as average, low or very low



So this week, we want to ask you about your experience of you work – life balance, or even work-life-coaching balance if you are a volunteer.

  • How do you juggle your won work-life balance?
  • Do you need support in helping you to do this?
  • Do you forget to look after yourself?
  • What can we do to give us time away from coaching, not just the sessions themselves but the whole coaching process?
  • What do you do to ensure you have time away from coaching?



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