Do you need to have played sport at a high level to be able to coach it?


A question that crops up time and time again in the coaching world is the question of retired athletes becoming coaches.  Do retired athletes become better coaches?  We spoke with Sam Rapoport – the Senior Director of Football Development who does not believe you have to have played the sport before coaching it….



However, with this in mind, the AFL (Australian Football League) recently released stats saying that 75% of all their coaches in the AFL are previous players.  The AFL Coaches Association chief Mark Brayshaw said last week when unveiling the “women’s coaching crusade” aimed at enhancing the pathway for prospective female coaches:


“Seventy-five per cent of the male coaches are ex-players. And in our view, in a short period of time, there’ll be enough ex-AFLW players [who] can become coaches,”


So maybe you dont NEED to have been a player first, but it certainly helps?



So this week, we are asking you:

  • Do you feel former players / athletes get ahead of you quicker in the coaching ranks?
  • Do you feel you miss some coaching knowledge because you have not been an athlete or player?
  • Do you agree that you don’t NEED to have been a player, but it certainly helps?
  • Do retired athletes become better coaches?


Post your comments below!