Do you need to see it, before you can be it?


This week’s #womenswednesday is in honour of a fantastic event created by UK Athletics Vice President Donna Fraser called COACH – an event part of Black History Month in the UK, which is a black and white photographic exhibition of Black and Asian coaches within British track and field.

Recognising the contribution of past and present Black and Asian athletics coaches in the UK from grass roots to elite level, ‘COACH’ particularly focuses on those who were athletes themselves and are passionate about sharing their experiences and expertise with the emerging athletics stars in the UK.

In our interview with Donna, she admits the importance of others ‘seeing’ these coaches at work to inspire the next generation of coaches to come along.  This theme is also something something we have come across many times in our interviews, the idea that you have to “see it to be it”, meaning that in order to bring more women into coaching, they must first see women coaching…

And thats what we want to ask you – Do you believe its important to see it before you believe you can be it?

Did you see women coaching first before you became a coach?

Did a female coach inspire you to coach?


Do you need to ‘see it; before you can be it?


Summary of answers thanks to Louise Capicotto