Why Do You Coach?


This week, we have a super easy question for you…Why Do You Coach?

As simple as this question is, we think it is a really important one…because if we didn’t have a WHY, we wouldn’t be coaching.


What is it that makes you rush from work to the sports field to coach?

Why do you give up your evenings and weekends to work with your team or group?

Why have you entered a profession that demands all of you energy, time and resources?

Why do you coach?


To help you along with this answer, we wanted to share with you a very honest and heartfelt blog written by an FCN Blogger back in March called: “How I Fell in Love with Coaching Again”.  In this blog, Tina writes herself a letter explaining the tough personal life experience she is dealing with, but what it was about coaching that drew her back in:


You will coach – for a short time – an amazing representative team of young ladies. The pride you feel seeing them have success on and off the field is unlike anything you have felt in forever. These ladies have more influence on you, than you do on them. Their feedback becomes invaluable and it allows you to hold your ground and set boundaries with others.


Through coaching you will end up with an amazing family of men, these men remind you what good men are. They become brothers, fathers and more to you. The Knights will give you opportunity to value sport again, your confidence will bloom and you will build back your rhino skin. You will feel again; that feeling when someone falls in love with your game, when they defy odds and do what others never thought they could. You get to be in a rugby family again. You are able to trust again. For this you will be grateful every day.


You will re build your relationship with your sisters, make new and stronger female coaching friends, and be able to work as a team with all of them. The Knights will reap the rewards of this network of amazing women coaches.


You will end up writing about coaching, you will get to coach with your new mentors and most of all – you get to co coach with one of the most amazing people you will ever meet. He will push you, yet not let you fall. It teaches you that you do not need to be scared of success anymore – that no one will resent you for it. You will remember what it feels like to coach as a team, and that you missed it.


Summary of answers thanks to Louise Capicotto