Linn Risvang – Interview


Linn Risvang is a Norwegian Strength and Conditioning Coach to the Danish Men’s National Lacrosse Team. As well as this, Linn founded her own company called ‘BeStrength’ in which she coaches and advises on nutrition.

We asked Linn a little bit about her coaching career and also how she deals with the challenges of being the only women coaching a men’s lacrosse team!



I did my personal training, basic sports science and fitness instruction in Oslo in 2012 with Active Education and the University college of Hedmark (Norway). That gave me the EHFA approved Personal Trainer certification. After that Ive taken a variety of courses in Redcord training, Olympic lifting, kettlebell training and so on.


Yes, I am the S&C coach and nutritionist for the Danish Lacrosse Men’s National Team. My partner, Nick Ravenhall, is the head coach for the team and he selected me for the job of coaching the guys towards the European championships in Hungary coming July. Lacrosse is a small and not governmental funded sport in Denmark and the guys pay for everything them selves so I’m, as well as the rest of the staff, doing the job pro-bono. So the reasons why I wanted to take the position were because I love sports and really wanted to develop my skills and experience within sports coaching.

As Im in Norway and the guys are in Denmark most of my coaching is through the program Ive put them on. I go down every now and again to do fitness testing, coach them on strength training technique and help out in the camp with for example agility and speed training. Right now the boys are on a 3-day split strength and conditioning program to be done up to 6 days a week as well as additional skill work like agility/foot work, explosiveness and speed and wall balling.

Yes, I am the only female coach involved in the team. So far it’s been quite good. As I mentioned the sport is small and a lot of the boys are young and in their first national team campaign so I guess the biggest challenge has been to get them going on proper structural training and dieting. Especially since I’m not able to be there on each camp because of the financial situation. But the guys are responding well and have already developed a lot since we started out in September last year. Not so much a challenge because I’m female though. Might be because I?m the Head coaches Misses, I’m not sure, he he.

If you know you’re good don’t doubt yourself. They won’t if you don’t.