UKA Statement About Coaching Restructure

UKA Statement:

As is the norm for this stage at the end of an Olympic and Paralympic cycle, a number of structural changes are being made to enable the World Class Programme to deliver its strategy towards the Paris cycle.

Any suggested changes to the coaching structure are not set and remain under consultation, which has been further extended to ensure the feedback is given full consideration.

Both the organisation and the wider sport are undergoing a period of change as the new UKA plan for the sport is introduced. We understand that for some the changes made are difficult, yet for others, some of the changes are not being made fast enough.

As it is there are improvements that could not be delivered prior to Tokyo such was the focus on supporting athletes and coaches to qualify and compete in the delayed Games.

We would urge athletes to continue to feedback to UK Athletics and also engage with the Athlete’s Commission as we are fully committed to ensuring we place athletes first and at the heart of our plans going forward.

To find out more about the coaching restructure and the direction of coaching in the sport, download the new UKA Operational Plan and head to page 26