CREATING CHANGE| Achieving Gender Equity in Athletics Coaching in the U.K.

Our FCN | Achieving Gender Equity in Athletics Coaching in the U.K. aims to create real change within the UK Track & Field coaching system, by changing the current cultures and systems that result in a lack of female coaches and leaders.

Our work involves a number of projects and partners working towards the same goal of creating equality of opportunity through gender equity. We want to make sure women have the same chance to lead at the top levels of the sport in the U.K.

We work alongside Nike, Leeds Beckett University and UK Athletics to create gender equity within the coaching system, by highlighting the current barriers and consulting & delivering the changes needing to be made.

The project was launched in January 2020 and began with the creation of our unique research project “Achieving Gender Equity in High Performance Athletics Coaching in the UK.”, which was finalised and published in February 2021. The paper highlighted the current the landscape for female coaches within the sport and shared the experiences of a number of female performance coaches.

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Further to our research, we have also engaged with the UK female performance coach community, continued to gather research, advocated for change and consulted with the decision makers in the sport.

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