“The Most Amazing Week of Coach Education.”

ALTIS delivers their first Virtual Apprentice Coach Programme

Last week saw a bonanza of incredible online coaching presentations, workshops and discussions hosted by the ALTIS – a global leader in the provision of education for sport performance.

Due to the current Global pandemic, the usual ALTIS in-person Apprentice Coach Program events have been cancelled and replaced with the very first Virtual Apprentice Coach Programme.

The theme of the Virtual ACP was ‘Speed for Sport’, with every aspect of speed covered from technique, reaction speed, strength & conditioning and programming. The Virtual ACP was spread over 4 days and included presentations with coaches from the world of Track & Field, Baseball, American Football, the UFC, the NBA and English Football.

Over 1400 coaches from around the World signed up and were treated to some incredible workshops from the likes of NBA legend Steve Kerr, Track & Field Super Coach Dan Pfaff, Olympic Gold medallist and now coach to 400m hurdle World Silver Medallist Joanna Hayes and Rachel Balkovec, the first female hitting coach in the MLB.

To add to this, ALTIS created the campaign #1000CoachesforChanges, and donated all of the registration fees to the Virtual ACP to a scholarship endowment at an Historically Black College.

A huge congratulations to our friends at ALTIS, an excellent week of education for a excellent cause!

Take a read of the feedback that some coaches in attendance gave us!

Coach Carly Fehler (Track & Field / Cross Country Coach from University of Wisconsin-Parkside)

“The entire premise of the Altis Virtual ACP speaks for itself: raising money to create an endowment scholarship at HBCU is exactly the kind of real action we can take as coaches to create a cycle of positive change. This event included world-renowned speakers who did an incredible job covering a huge range of impactful topics such as injury prevention, mental training, and of course speed development. I would strongly encourage any coach at any level to participate in this event–speed is not just for track coaches anymore.”

Linda Nicholson (Jumps Coach and Scottish Athletics Development Coach of the Year)

“I was delighted when ALTIS confirmed that they would host their Apprentice Coach Program online. I would never have had the opportunity to be part of this otherwise, and having a virtual program opened it up to a much wider, international audience.

The diversity of presenters and participants was staggering, and ensured a really broad range of experience, insights and learning was packaged into one week.

I took part in real time, as this made me feel part of a network of like-minded people, all experiencing the presentations, debates and questions together.

As a speed coach in track and field and in a team sport (netball) the theme of the event was spot on for me!”

Sian Elizabeth Rees (High performance coach, UEFA B Licence, qualified athletics coach and starting Masters in S&C)

“The ALTIS course this week has been intense, productive & inspiring. On a personal & professional level, there has been a lot of content to absorb & apply into my daily practice coaching practice.

Listening to some of the most successful practitioners through Zoom, I felt a connection, inspiration & desire to be better & learn even more.

From Sports Science, Technical development, psychological & physical factors, social issues & systematic racism so many wide range discussions took place across the four nights that had me totally engulfed in the course.

Takeaway the superstars on the laptop screen, which was Incredible & a real delight for all of us participants! The knowledge that each person delivered from a variety of specialities/backgrounds was articulated so well, clear concise presentations, authentic, poignant & relevant to today’s high performance coaching! So many of their principles/values fell in line with my own, plus I picked up many news ones & phrases like ‘energy leaks’ which I have already used coaching this week. Every speaker was 100% spot on & so inspiring.”

Marissa Chew: (Asst. Coach at Indiana Univ Purdue Univ Indianapolis – Sprints, Jumps, Combined Events Coach)

“Being able to be involved with Altis’ Virtual ACP was an enlightening experience!  To be able to hear the various speakers share valuable information and experiences was such a unique experience; especially since it was in the comfort of my home.  The range and complimentary topics that were covered allowed me to open up my scope and get a better “whole-picture” conceptualization of what I want to practice in my coaching.  Thank you for the excellent experience to all who contributed to the experience!”

Patti Hupp (Head Coach of Kentuckiana Phlyerz Track Club, USATF Level 2 Combined Events, Sprints/Hurdles, and Jumps)

“The ALTIS Virtual ACP was an opportunity given to me through scholarship, for which I am truly thankful. As a female coach, I have often felt dismissed, shrugged off or not respected, in spite of my experience and qualifications. My ALTIS experience was quite different. The women who spoke were given a platform and championed for their expertise and viewpoints. I love all of the science of speed and all I can take with to be a better coach, but it’s the elevation of female involvement that impresses me about their program. They recognize that we are an important seat at the table.”