I Coach Because…

We asked our twitter network a very simple question, a question which perhaps we don’t ask ourselves enough, but one that is super important on the journey to becoming a great coach…why do you coach?

I coach because I want to see a diverse Welsh dance sport community show Britain #Everyone Can Dance with no boundaries – Impetus Dance

I coach to share the joy of ultimate frisbee and to help young men and women develop lifelong skills through sport. – Emily Weherwein

I coach bc I want to provide better leadership to young athletes than the coaches I had growing up. Also, that face players make when something finally “clicks” that you have been going over and over at practice….. priceless – Kelly Rusin

I first coached b/c I was invited to & it’s hard for me to say no when it comes to ultimate. I continue to coach @hodaglove b/c it’s important for me that young men see a woman in charge and seek advice from a woman with a strong voice & the knowledge/experience to demand respect – Becky LeDonne

I started coaching when @steve42382 let me on board with @CUAultimate, and I haven’t looked back. I didn’t know if I’d fit in or if I’d like it or if I’d be good. I tried because I was asked. Never underestimate the value of telling someone when you think they’re ready to go. – Layne Scherer

I coach… Because it’s a challenge, every session makes you think differently about something. Because sharing my love of #stoolball and seeing others love it too is a huge reward Because there’s great satisfaction in people just enjoying themselves! Because I love it! – Anita Broad

I coach because I’ve had great coaches, and in the hope that I can provide a similar platform for others to learn and grow as athletes, teammates and people that my coaches have provided, and still provide, me – Lucy Barnes

I coach because I feel it’s important for young women to have a positive role model during their formative years in sport. I strive to create an environment where they can have fun and excel both physically and mentally! – Ms Johnson

I coach because sports made me who I am. I can’t live without ultimate frisbee. After tearing 3 ACLs I knew I had to find a way to fill that bucket with my voice, my heart, my brain (and less so my apparently-unfit-for-sport ligaments). Rohres Headband

I coach the same ultimate frisbee team I played for in college, and it’s so amazing to watch it “click” for the ladies the way it did for me. Seeing women go from learning how to play a sport completely new to them, to being amazing at it within 4 years is such a cool experience! – Helbog

I coach, so young women have a chance see a woman in charge, having her voice heard, standing up for what’s right. I coach, so one day women in coaching won’t be the minority. I coach to empower young athletes and LOVE to watch them grow to believe in themselves. – EBake

I coached #rowing because my coaches @UWBadgers inspired me to be my best and reach deep to do hard things and I wanted to share that empowering experience with others! Can’t wait till I can get back on the water someday! Mrs Gordon

I coached because I love empowering people to be their best and believe in themselves. I see potential in people that don’t always see it in themselves and bringing that to the surface is the best part about coaching. – Kelsey Morrison

For the absolute love of the game, and to watch other kids reach their rugby goals just like my kids did/are. – Christine Tuttosi

I coach because I care. I coach because I can teach kids how to do things the correct way and can also teach them about life – Pat Wilson

I coach because it’s enjoyable to exchange ideas, thoughts, suggestions, experiences, hopes and more with players, peers and mentors. It’s a personal connection with another that can invoke respect, trust, and confidence for all parties involved (even the parents of youth players – Candice Fabry

I coach because I love helping children with various physical abilities enjoy playing cricket and watching them grow with confidence! – Rina Sowler

I coach because I get huge satisfaction out of helping people to identify and achieve their triathlon goals. I also have incurable curiosity about training and physiology. – Helen Whittaker

I love being in a high performance environment where I get to work on being my best and help others do the same. – Liza Dickson

I just love walking alongside people and helping them to achieve whatever they want. Helping them to work out their strategies to navigate through their sporting and professional coaches. Everyday I learn something new, every day I just think what a privilege. – Kate O’Sullivan

I coach because it’s my way of paying it forward. Participating in sports and having great coaches saved my life. I hope to have that same influence on others. – Terri Bryant

I coach because I want to help athletes expand their definition of what is possible for their lives. – Sara Schwendinger

At 18 my PE teacher/basketball coach thought I’d make a great teacher and signed me up to coach kids. Many years later I watched the terrible football coaches my son had and wanted to do something about it. I believe I have something to offer and I enjoy it – FootballTina

I love competition! Having a drive carries over into all areas of life. I love showing my kids you can have a family, work, and thrive. – Cheryl Sorenson

I coach because after I stopped playing, there was a gaping hole in my heart. I knew it was time to get back on the court in a different role. It’s been a process of learning, growing, and being humbled. Wouldn’t have it any other way. – Coach McConnell

I coach because I love my sport but was not a great athlete. I’m a lot better at coaching than I ever was at swimming, and I’m glad I made that transition. It’s not failure to not be an incredible athlete! – Sarah MacDonald

I believe if you have something to share , you share it. My love for the sport feeds my love for learning and creates an upward spiral of better practices. – Danielle B. McG

Why we coach because, we love to see the development in children and athletes. to GET THEM TO BELIEVE in themselves. – pro18 Sports

It’s fun. I enjoy the satisfaction of problem solving and personal growth through competition. – Jennifer Oldham

I coach because I love to be a coach. – Stephanie Dragan

I coach because I want my players to be leaders of their families, their industries, communities & their lives! I love softball and being able to use the game to teach valuable life lessons of strength, persistence, teamwork & love. Lastly, my players are awesome. – Coach Teague

I want to make a difference to participants levels – Debbie Netball

I love being at the arena and on the ice. My favourite thing in coaching junior #ringette and #hockey players is to see them move forward. Someone just reminded me the other day that (almost) all the U14 players on the ice in a game were coached by me at some point. – Life in Finland

I coach because I love soccer. I like sharing with other people my passion and dedication, and of course my knowledge. Moreover, I like learning from the players and spending time with them. I’m really happy being a soccer coach. – Pilar Andrade Soccer Coach

Enjoy continuously learning more and pushing myself to help others grow and develop. Great to watch someone achieve something they have persevered to learn how to do. Teamsports just magnifies it. – Debbie Ryan

Share your answer below in the comment! I coach because…