FCN Launch Their Brand New Coaching Range!

The FCN have launched their brand new women’s fitted coaching kit range in partnership with KitLocker and Nike!


Whether you are a volunteer at grassroots level, or a performance coach at the elite level, a professional looking and feeling tracksuit is an important piece of kit to any coach…however in the World of us female coaches, finding one that is suitable and that fits well is often a huge problem.

How many times have you walked into a sport store to find the only available women’s tailored kit are lycra pants and crop tops?  The brand new line of men’s kit drowns you, makes you look unprofessional and frankly just doesn’t fit well…

Look no further…the FCN have officially launched their brand new range of women’s fitted Nike kit, specially chosen to make you look and feel great whilst doing what you do best…Coaching!


Click the button below to explore the brand new range of t-shirts, pants, bags, jackets and even hats!