How Do Your Athletes Inspire You?



This weeks #womenswednesday is in honour of this Sunday’s winner of the New York Marathon…Shalane Flanagan from the USA.

After becoming the first American woman to win the marathon since 1977, Shalane recovered from a back fracture earlier in the year and possible retirements, before entering the NY Marathon and winning with over a one minute gap to second place Mary Keitany of Kenya.

Often we ask ourselves as coaches how we can inspire and motivate our own athletes and players, whether thats through our own actions or introducing them to others who may inspire, but in honour of Shalane’s tremendous feat we wanted to flip the question…how have your atheltes and players inspired you?

Here at FCN HQ, we were thinking of the times in our own coaching when actually we have been inspired by the actions of our own athletes, not just in their successful achievements, but how they have handled themselves in defeats and got through tough training sessions.


So, our question to you this week is:


How do your athletes inspire you?



Join in the discussion and share your answers!