What scares you the most about coaching?



Lets be honest, coaching can be a scary thing at times…the whole season depends on you to put the perfect training plan together, or in a moments notice everyone in the team turn to you to make the right decision that could win the team the championship…

Admitting your own fears is an important part of being a conscious coach, in realising your weaknesses and knowing where to go for support and advice to over come them.  We are human after all, we make mistakes, we feel lonely and we doubt ourselves.

Your fears could be as simple as turning up at a coaches convention on your own, being the only female coach at a major sporting event, or even the media questions that follow a big win or loss, whatever it might be, identifying them is essential.

So for this week’s Halloween special (yes we know its technically a day late…), we want to know:


What scares you in the World of coaching?  

How do you deal with the scary things?  

What support would you offer to others who may be scared?


Summary of answers thanks to Louise Capicotto