What Are Your Tips For Performing Under Pressure?



This weeks #womenswednesday topic is in celebration of our FREE and EXCLUSIVE webinar with the Johan Cruyff Institute about Performing Under Pressure.

It’s a topic often discussed regarding athletes; how do athletes manage their nerves, their levels of arousal, the pressure of performing etc etc…but its important that us coaches know a thing or two about this also!

How do you handle your nerves on game day? Do you meditate before hand? Do you have a lucky charm you keep with you? Do you struggle to perform under pressure?

This is a topic not often discussed on coaching courses, not one that can easily be taught and can perhaps only be controlled with experience.  Here at the FCN its our aim to support coaches out there and connect them with others who may be able to help…

So this week, we are asking you:

What are your tips for performing under pressure?