Today my friend and colleague Sue Parker, head coach of Harvard Rugby was fired from her position


Today my friend and colleague Sue Parker, head coach of Harvard Rugby was fired from her position.

After 3 years of running a flawless program, and fighting for equality the athletic department’s AD Bob Scalise decided he had enough of strong women.

They dedicated a 3 paragraph release in a display of cowardice and announced a national search for a new coach. They waited until the campus was quiet and her players had all gone for the summer.

For those of you that do not believe retaliation exists…it is very much alive and well. Sue is a friend and also a lawyer who navigated a system of harassment, intimidation and sabotage like a boss.

This is what happens when women speak out and if Coach Parker, as a lawyer wasn’t able to find justice, what message does that send to every other female coach? Sexism and discrimination are real. #IStandWithCoachParker


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Bio: Becky Carlson is an D-I NCAA Coach, Founder of The Fearless Coach.

“I am passionate about being a leader in Women’s NCAA Rugby. But I am far more passionate about the health and welfare of our coaching population. I am interested in connecting with other coaches who are challenged daily through this profession with today’s generation.

More important than than coaching is my mission of commitment to equity in college athletics. Athletics remains a staple in a long line of vehicles used to create social change. I am a firm believer that if we have truthful conversations with the next generation, both male and female about equity and treatment, we can solve unfair hiring and ethical practices in athletics. Ultimately this will lead us to a healthier society with both women and men having equal representation in law making, policy development and in the workforce. If you are having trouble as a coach finding your voice and asking for more, please connect with me. We can all learn from one another.

Our coaches at all divisions in all sports have remained silent as we have watched our population since Title IX in 1972, plummet from 90% women coaching women’s sports, to 40% in 2015. It’s time for a second wave of change because our work is not yet complete. I am a graduate and proud member of Class 36 of the NCAA Coaches Academy and the Alliance of Women Coaches. #StrongerTogether”