How Do You Avoid Coach Burnout?

How do you avoid coach burnout?

Wednesday 17th May 2017


To celebrate Louise Capicotto joining the FCN team this week, we thought we would have a #womenswednesday topic that is right up her alley!

Louise is a trainee sports psychologist and last week posted an infogram with the title of ‘Tips For Managing Coach Burnout’.  Louise shared some great tips including; developing a strong support group of family and friends, balance your life with some alternative activities, acknowledge your own vulnerabilities and take care of yourself physically.

This got us thinking, what do our network of coaches do to avoid burnout and how do they take time away from coaching?

In a recent interview with Head Coach of the Australian Netball Team, Lisa Alexander admitted to needed some time to recover:


“When I get the chance to combine both camping and the beach, I am at my most happiest.  If I’m not taking my time off, I will know that things will start to build up and I won’t be the best coach I can be.  Emotional and Physical recovery as a coach is extremely important!”


So this week, we are asking you – How do you avoid coach burnout?

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Answers and infogram thanks to Louise Capicotto