FCN Coaching Conference  | #FemaleCoach2017




Welcome to the World’s First Ever Coaching Conference For Female Coaches Inclusive of All Sports, All Levels and All Nationalities



Saturday 29th April 2017 saw the delivery of our very first Female Coaching Conference in partnership with Project 500; the World’s First Coaching Conference for Female Coaches open to all sports, all levels and all nationalities. 


Nearly 100 female coaches from 5 Countries came together at Surrey Sports park, England, to connect, share and develop to create a very unique coaching community.  Women from sports ranging from stoolball to soccer, and futsal to fencing, celebrated the achievements of women who coach, discussed the challenges women face in sport and learned from each others successes.  The day was a truly inspirational event that further embedded the need to increase the profile of, the number of and the opportunities for women who coach.

The day was filled with inspirational presentations, workshops and speeches from coaches such as Olympic Gold Medal winning Assistant GB Hockey Coach Karen Brown, UEFA Pro License Coach Lois Fidler as well as Aimee Knight, a 22 year old graduate Sports Therapist and one of the very few women currently working in men’s elite football in the UK, and FCN Founder Vicky Huyton.


“Vicky and the team at the Female Coaching Network have done an amazing job. To see so many Female coaches at every level, across so many sports in one place was up lifting.  Coming together in this way presented a great opportunity to establish where we are at, what we need, and how as a network of like minded individuals we can move forward, together.

Great job FCN – onto the next one!”                                         Lois Fidler – UEFA Pro License Coach



“The conference was ABSOLUTELY amazing. To see so many women from so many different backgrounds, sport, etc all in one place, learning together – the excitement was surreal.” 


Kari Krakow – Track Coach, Wisconsin, USA



“As a young female coach this one day event has created a push in myself to do better and given me confidence and inspiration to push forward on some projects I have been hesitant about.    There is nothing like getting a group of like minded individuals together to share and learn from each other.”

Amanda Miles – Basketball Coach, Ontario, Canada


A big thanks to all Project 500 staff who supported the day and to all coaches who came from far and wide to attend the event . Special thanks to Louisa Arnold, Karen Brown, Lois Fidler, Aimee Knight and James Walkington for making the day possible.