What is you’re greatest coaching joy?



This week, we published our exclusive interview with coach to Simone Biles – Aimee Boorman. Aimee is a gymnastic coach from the US who lead the women’s gymnastics team to their most successful games, leaving Rio with a total of 9 medals between 5 athletes

We asked Aimee what her favourite moment from the Games was, and she answered


“Probably seeing the pure joy and emotion in Simone’s eyes when she was the official winner of the Olympic Gold Medal in the All-Around competition.  It was in that moment that Simone realized that all of her sacrifices had been worth it.”


For a coach who had just lead the most successful US Gymnastic Olympic campaign ever, this answer is incredibly humbling.  Whilst we were left in awe of the immense performances performed by Simone and the rest of the team, Aimee was left incredibly proud by her athletes.

So, this week we wanted to ask you what your greatest moment in your coaching career is and what gives you the greatest joy as a coach?


Summary / Answers on social media and FCN Academy


Adrienne Engleman – Hearing laughter and seeing ‘my golfers’ smile! 

Jane Lipton –  My greatest joy is watching players develop as people. Growing and sharing their knowledge and experience with new players.

Mud and Miles – The smiles on people’s faces when they look back over the last few weeks and realise how far they’ve come, literally

Coach Kiwi –  Seeing the players and team grow and achieve their goals.

Energise Coaches – Being a coach

Ginger Hartman – When the moment happens- pass connects, run pays off, ball goes in the net for the 1st time.This is when my girls know they are players.

Caroline Hastings – Developing players to be the best they can be as individuals and as a team. Seeing the sweat and the smiles

Coach Emma – Not one single thing…. Developing players over certain period, keeping players involved in sports & social element (making friends)!

Louisa Arnold – So much brings joy but esp the feedback I get about the attitude & effort of our girls from opponents & umpires

Synergi Di MBE – seeing the athletes learn whilst still having fun!

Tina F Prescott – seeing that moment on thier faces “I got this” and the “I want it” face. Nothing better

Reactivated Training – Making an impact on athletic performance and on their life

441 Girl – Seeing their faces when they achieve the smallest victories like getting a new skill or past a mental block. It’s rewarding to know I helped

Hydra El Ectric –  Is “dishing out push ups” the wrong answer here?

Alison O’Riordan – Providing opportunity & focus for athletes to use impairment as +ve part of their life/sport journey

Liza Dickson – watching my athletes develop&grow over the long term as athletes&people &then seeing them achieve their goals is the best feeling!

Susan Nardi – Hearing they love tennis

Manisha Tailor – Greatest joy & moment – providing an opp to those with who may never get access otherwise to engage in sport

Denise Brown –  helping someone realise their potential whether as a beginner or an elite performer, the buzz is the same

Shay Fenlon –  helping athletes/participants achieve their goals whether they are short, medium or long term

Sue Revell – Moments like these are what give me great joy – knowing the extraordinary is being created

Ute Scholl – Working with other human beings in a sport I am passionate about.