Why Do You Coach?

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Why Do You Coach?

#womenswednesday 26th October 2016


We ran this question a year ago and received a huge response.  Such a simple question that sparks so much passion and enthusiasm in coaches of all levels, but one that is important to know the answer to.

One of our newest bloggers, Tina Prescott submitted her first blog this week which answered this very question.  For a bit of inspiration, have a read of Tina’s Blog HERE. 

If you joined in with this topic last year, we urge you to answer again.  It will be a really interesting task to compare this years answer with your last – has your motivation changed?  Do you now coach for different reasons?  For those that have answered this question with us before – all will be revealed tomorrow!

So this week, we are simply asking you...why do you coach?



Summary from Social Media 


Paula George – To give back to my sport-triathlon and to share the journey it takes my athletes on-often life changing.

Jazz Hervin – To provide ppl with an environment where they can develop what they are/are not good at & a culture of high standards of good ppl

Louisa Arnold –  I coach because there is nothing quite like seeing smiling faces enjoying sport whatever their age

Kate Hallett – because it’s so rewarding to see young girls empowered by the skills learnt in sport, especially rugby.

Ren Cadwell – I coach because I can’t imagine any other job being half as rewarding as helping athletes unlock their potential and succeed in their sport.

Dawn Venturas – I coach to make a difference, pursue my passion and empower, train and motivate other women coaches here in the middle east.

NUTC –  I coach because I love teaching outdoors, with focused and talented athletes, meeting challenges together.

Shelley Hockey – No better feeling than seeing changes in others that you’ve helped bring about!!

Iron Granny I coach to give something back to the sport I love. And to support people to improve, enjoy it and make friends!

Energise Coaches –  I enjoy the opportunity to work with individuals and help them find the answers to achieving their goals. It’s fun

Coach Amy – Because need female role models Empower girls to take risks be courageous

ER Kickboxing Club –  I coach so girls and women (and also boys and men!) can learn to safely defend themselves should the need arise

Wendy Russell – It’s the joy and excitement you get and the players get when they achieve new things,or helping them towards dreams

Jane Lipton –  I coach because I want others to enjoy my sport as much as I do.