How important is it that you are a role model to your athletes or team?

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How important is it that you are a role model to your athletes or team? 


As we all know, a coach isn’t someone who simply shows players how to play a sport.  Coaches are teachers, leaders, social workers, carers, parents, psychologist…the list goes on!  But one important aspect of being a coach that many over look the importance of, is that of a role model.


A role model is defined as:

a person looked to by others as an example to be imitated.



So this week, we are asking you:

  • What do you do to ensure you are a role model to your athletes?
  • What type of attributes do you as a coach need to be a role model?
  • What attributes of a coach can reflect being a negative role model?



Summary from Social Media 

Thanks to everyone who joined in with this weeks #womenswednesday !


Hilary Howe Really, really important to impart a ‘can do’ vibe to our middle-years contemporaries

Hydra ElEctric –  you can’t be anything but… As a coach you _are_ a role model; you need to act like one.

Carmen P –  Crucial. Working with kids means having patience & understanding, looking for the good & be encouraging = keeps them motivated.

Coach Emma – Not 100 %. Lead by eg. U need 2 B engaging with ur players (whether 4 or 88yrs)& understand their needs, wants & desires. What motivates them?

Carolina García (Spanish) – Excelente tema proponen Querida Susy Role-Model fundamentales para las que empiezan, visibilizar, aspiracional y capturar

Anne Marice – You got to walk the talk

Susan Di Meo – extremely. Seeing is believing.

Jazz Hervin I demonstrate the values, behaviours, commitment & communication that I expect from my group

Coach Amy – Never stop believing in athlete potential See the light when athlete sees only dark

Maverick FH Club – Never lose perspective of the big picture Never a win at all cost attitude. Dignity Integrity always

Fit Communications –  it’s important to stay true to who you are & show them if they can dream it, they can have it! Hard work & a solid goal is key!

Tina F Prescott – Huge! I coach u 18 girls and sr men. Both need to see positive and strong female examples. Coaches build better humans.  Its the truth. Better humans tend to work harder and be better teammates = winning on a lot of levels.

Dani SweetmanSeeking excellence can be infectious, you need to live it

Eighth Wonder – We ALL strive to be role models in football to make it more enjoyable and to encourage female participation

Sarah Dwyer-Shick – There is added pressure on female coaches as there are so few that they can be the only female coach a player sees.

Louisa Arnold –  I do my best to be a role model, inspiring and motivating yes but being human too is just as key

Takara – totally agree

Mums4Workwe agree