50 pieces of coaching advice from female coaches around the World!

Screen Shot 2016-06-15 at 11.27.14A couple of weeks ago, we launched our competition to win an exclusive FCN t-shirt.  We are excited to announce that the winner is:  Joey Peters!

As part of the competition, we ask our followers on twitter to send us their best piece of coaching advice, and they did!  All 50 of them!

The advice was so fantastic, we wanted to share it with our FCN audience, and here it is…great work everyone!




Shells Sayers – Failure is part of the process.

Rachel D –  Use positive language. Always express in a way that will be empowering for those you are coaching. (Same with self-talk!)

Penny Mickelson – it’s taken until my 40s to realise that getting out there and doing something is so much more important than how you look doing it

Jane Austin –  perfect practise makes perfect play.

DNA Netball – Pass to your own players!

Sarah Boice –  never neglect an athlete. You may have a large group, but pay attention to everyone the best you can.

Kathryn Hall – my advice would be…..trust yourself, and believe in your practices and your coaching ethos

Joey Peters –  It’s not about the coach and their coaching, it’s about the learner and their learning

Gabriela Estrada – don’t try to play at anyone else’s level – play at ur own level. Excel in ur strengths, overcome ur weaknesses – be the best YOU.

Twiddle Hockey Club – roll with the punches, it’s essential to be adaptable the best coaches can adapt to all situations that arise during a session.

Natasha –  plan do and review

Emma Edmonds –  Never underestimate what players are capable of, ensure targets are challenging but reachable!

Maddie Sturgess Runs – encourage self-evaluation, by watching themselves and comparing to others of a higher level so they know how they can improve.

Lucy Harrison – keep training consistent! It’s no good doing 4hours one week and 15 the next! Consistency is key!

Di – listen and don’t be afraid of letting sessions develop without intervening so athletes make the decisions

Wiwigoo – each player is unique — be thoughtful and intentional about employing teaching styles that speak to those unique elements.

Ren Caldwell – If you ever start to dread coaching, do something about it! Find another approach, research, re-engage! 🙂

Lianne Hare – don’t compare yourself to others. Measure your success on your own progress and how far you’ve come.

Emma Broadbent –  always adapt your coaching style to your participant, one size does not fit all!

Claire Fox – control the controlables don’t worry about things you cannot

Gemma Dunning – remember it’s a journey not a race, u r always learning, take criticism, have faith, be creative & work with others

Caroline Scott – Keep going, no matter how hard. Keep trying. While u rest somebody, somewhere is training and when you meet, she will win.

Spartans SA –  “Always keep good relations with your squad – be FIRM but FRIENDLY”

Emma Jackson – take every opportunity to learn & every opportunity to teach

Women’s Rugby Wales – Stay strong with your head held high. Life is short, start having some fun!!!

Anna Vaughn-Hawkins – don’t feel pressured by those not involved in your sessions to change what YOU feel is working well

Ute Scholl – Always involve the people whom you coach

Charlotte Burgess – believe in yourself, believe in your players, players believe in you

Lisa Kiwi – Know your players, and know why they have come to play. And always make it fun.

Emma Clarke – never stop learning, take advice and new ideas and don’t be afraid to make mistakes along the way

Hannah – mind over matter

Lindy J – “On the days you want to really hate the sport, remember to love yourself – the sport will always find you again” Lindy – MTB

Tasha Pearson – Don’t see players as just players. Take time to get to know them,your bond with them off the pitch just as important as on.

Beckie Hobson – don’t take everything personally, best bit of advice I had. As a female coach you have to develop thick skin and broad shoulders

Gaynor Hutchison – never give up!

Jen Barden – spend time building trust with the athletes & don’t under estimate its power when developing the athlete.

Debbie Netball – u will make mistakes, learn from them!

Sarah MacDonald – Everyone is a person first, and an athlete second. It takes that perspective to relate to players and coach well.

Mary Finlayson – Keep it simple

Katie Tew – Hard work beats talent, when talent doesn’t work hard

Family Sports Coaching – believe you can do it and you will do it

Siobhan Urquhart –  Give it a go.

Kelly Adams – believe in yourself and believe in your team. nothing else can stop you!

Worksop Ladies HC – Don’t do something until it’s satisfactory, do it until you’re satisfied

Liezi – enjoy yourself

Lena Em – Players always first. Your positivity can inspire and give extra strength. Never give up. Believe. Care. Fight.

Aimee S – don’t be afraid to make mistakes – always keep trying.

Amy Bunt –  the cup is always half full not half empty!! Think positive

Tammy Lee Anderson – my advice is, do you have a fixed mindset or growth mindset?

Nor West Soccer Lon –  “Catch them being Good!”



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