Is women’s fitted kit important to you?

Is women’s fitted kit important to you? 

Whether you are a volunteer at grassroots, or a performance coach at the elite level, a coaches tracksuit is an important piece of kit!  Donning your club colours, proudly displaying your nations flag or simply wearing your favourite tracksuit to a coaching session can be a special thing…but do you often find it difficult to find a tracksuit that is tailored for your female figure?  And are you disappointed when you are presented with a tracksuit and it is a baggy fitting men’s kit?

Screen Shot 2016-04-19 at 16.55.24This week, we are asking you all about your coaching tracksuit, how important it is to you and if you struggle to find the right one!

  • Do you struggle to find a women’s tailored tracksuit to coach in?
  • Would you be prepared to pay slightly more for a female fitted kit?
  • How important is it women’s tailored tracksuit to your image of professionalism?

Answers from social media & FCN Forum 

Kelly Adams – yup- I don’t wanna wear mens clothing-that simple! #appropriate

Sarah McDonald – A shirt is a shirt to me! I have more trouble with women’s kit because they don’t often make active wear for overweight women.

Dani Sweetman – It’s important. I hate how giant the men’s coaches shirts are on me – I feel foolish & unprofessional. Tailored to comfort is key.   If I take it to my local seamstress, yes. Only option really

Natalie Curtis – it makes me feel much more confident when I don’t look like I’m wearing my dad’s clothes!

Priya Samuel – I have struggled to find a pair of tracksuit trs that aren’t lycra or wool #why?

Joy Thomas – Absolutely imperative. You have to look the part. Kids these days look for that in a role model.

Lucy Manley – Important Coaches and their players should have access to women’s kit – improves confidence, looks professional

Pennie Varvarides– personally I generally prefer the men’s kit. Women’s stuff is always too tight, making it hard to actually move in.

Louisa Arnold –  I don’t buy my everyday clothes from the men’s department but I have to in a sports shop

Beckie Hobson –  they should be better choices why should we be limited to what there is

Jean O’Sullivan –  Another aspect women in sport deal with!

Aimee S -it’s the worst getting an ill-fitting uniform! I wouldn’t pay more to get a female cut tracksuit but professionalism is important

Women in Football – This is a theme that came up for many WiFs in our ongoing research into barriers for women in the industry…

Lois Fidler – #UK is playing catch up, there’s a real gap in the market.Female coaches shouldn’t have 2dress like a man 2 fit in #breakthemould 2016 yet still faced with the dilemma.. Am I an Xtra Large Boy or a Medium Man? Either way it’s not the right fit!

Christa Eniojukan – The few female clothing pieces I have I cherish….imagine men were asked to wear smaller clothing…

Carrie Taylor – For me, it’s the men’s cut shorts that drive me crazy. I do like women’s cut coaching items.

Anita Broad – Just qual’d as L2 cricket coach & am disappointed at lack of women’s kit in ECB shop. How are we part of the ‘team’?  Definitely lack of women’s coaching kit. I feel a business coming on FCN!  struggle to find female coaching kit full stop. Just qualified as ECB L2 and where’s the ladies’ coaching kit?  Women’s kit…very important to me!

Joanne Lifford – Wouldn’t want to pay more. Think it’s not professional when it’s all to big or fits badly, when tying to get respect from athletes

Jordon Mann – generic coaching kit is usually for males – I don’t want to wear baggy trousers, long shorts and huge polos shirts!

Coach Meg – Yes! I want to look professional, not homeless!!

JVW Girls Football –  Is important, looking professional (to fit your style) is all part of growing the sport. We have a similar case with women’s kits.

Melissa Hyndman – It’s no secret “you look good, you feel good, you perform good”

Rikki Bingham –  our kit is men’s fit which is so annoying but not something I can control. My secret to feeling womanly at work is nice undies

Jools Murray – It’s important to feel & look professional. Whatever that style is! For me, I don’t want to wear baggy men’s clothes

Claire Robinson – Must admit @NikeUK do have nice female fitted work clothes but other brands I struggle wit sizes & how they can look

Ksnmiyagi MA ‏ -It’s important if you have a tailored body. Some of us older coaches suffer from the post menopausal weight gain & fat shift!

Shireen Ahmed –  I prefer not to wear women’s styles. Very possible to be professional and dedicated without fitted clothing.   Last year the girls got me a kit with ‘COACH’ on back. Was a unisex style. I love it. Can always jazz it up with a fancy hijab.

Ute Scholl – A sore topic for me. If you compare men’s and women’s kit the men’s kit is usual much more functional and better quality. The same applies to shoes. For that reason I usually go for the men’s gear to get better quality for the price I pay.
Fortunately for taichi the silk suits are tailored: looks very profesional and makes me feel well as they are smart and very comfortable.
I am interesting to see what other female coaches have to say about the topic.