Coat of Many Colours; “I shake off the mum and the wife and the day job and there I am transformed in to Coach!”

It’s the end of the day, or the start of the weekend and it’s time to Coach.  For many of us coaching is something we fit in to our free or spare time after being a mum, a wife a full time worker.

For me as soon as I put on my kit, my joggers my training shoes, scrape back my hair, stick the stop watch in my pocket and whistle around my neck, that is it.  I’ve changed,  like superman does in to his undies and his go faster cape.  I shake off the mum and the wife and the day job and there I am transformed in to Coach!

Out on the road, on the track or on the field  without realising it, you are cloaked in an invisible coat of a myriad of colours.  From the day we are born colours and patches are added to the coat that you wear through life and when you coach.  For most of us our first coaches are our parents, then our teachers and sometimes our friends.  Coaching us through life, demonstrating, instigating, and motivating us to get where we are trying to get to.  Then when you enter a world of coaching or sport your coat is added to by sports coaches, and other athletes.  You’ll be inspired and add that inspiration to your coat you’ll be  discouraged  by some things and you’ll tack that on to the coat too.  A phrase, a session, a good day, a bad day. They all come together to make your coat.

So go out there feeling and knowing that you are draped in beauty, inspiration, information enlightenment and knowledge.  Your are wearing the achievements of your athletes, the failings,  the feelings and the emotions and do you know what you look great.

Wear that coat be confident and coach.

Bio: Claire has been a runner for 10 years having evolved from beginner to competitor and then to coach.  On her journey she has collected information, experience and qualifications that she now carries with her to develop the running that they want to do.  Working with groups and individuals, Claire looks at all the parts of the puzzle to create a full picture of running.  She is looking forward to  sharing her experiences , thoughts and aspirations within the blogs.