200 days until Rio 2016 – what has changed for female coaches?

This week saw the 200 days to go mark for the Rio Olympic Games – can you believe it has been almost 4 years since the incredible London 2012 Games?!  Time seems to have flown by!  Whilst there has been an increase of interest in women’s sport over the last 4 years with sports organisations as well as the media spending millions ensuring a greater exposure for women’s sport – we want to try and find out if you think much has been done to create a legacy for coaching and more specifically for female coaches.

Did you know that during the London Games, only 11% of all coaches were female? It’s a pretty shocking stat when you consider there were 36 sports, 300 events, 204 countries and over 10,000 athletes involved.  So, we want to ask you – in your experience, has anything been done by your governing body or your Olympic Team to improve this figure?

* In your experience, has your NGB put more effort into attracting female coaches?3 olympics

* What can we do now to ensure there will be more female coaches at the 2020 Games?

*What can we do in the next 200 days to raise the profile of the women involved in the Rio Games?

*Do you know of any female coaches appointed to your national team?



Answers from Social Media & Forum

Kate Galloway: Is it already too late?

Sarah MacDonald: Create more apprentice opportunities for competitions in the interim! More exposure leading up to the Games would help tons.

Lauren Meehan: Share their stories, watch their preparation events, get others to watch. Olympics one of the easier fights. if we can help women’s names be known before, maybe interest can sustain more after.

Canoe Wild: Be inspired by Rio and get into coaching, then lead the way to Toyko 2020!

Lizzy Rees: it’s such a simple way of gaining interest, enthusiasm & participation, why arn’t all NGB’s employing!

Natalie Curtis: we have to ensure young aspiring female coaches see & hear about successful female coaches! Positive Role Models